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CULTURE: Good News, Sensitive People: New Research Says Your Emotional IQ Makes You a Better Artist

Stills from "The Last da Vinci" video, created by the advertising agency Droga5 for Christie's auction house. Artworks Advisory. New York. Art in the workplace

Psychologists reveal the connections between emotional intelligence and creative thinking. Ahead of last month’s $450 million sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, Christie’s installed a hidden camera near the painting that captured the teary-eyed gazes of visitors beholding the masterpiece.

The advertising agency Droga5 then edited the footage with photographer Nadav Kander into a video montage of awestruck faces, set to a dramatic Max Richter violin soundtrack. They said the video offered “a picture of the overwhelming emotion that this painting, its beauty and its divine subject matter stirred in all who came to see it.” Exert from .... Read More

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