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Why ArtWORKS Advisory?


The founders combine 50+ years of experience and knowledge in the field of contemporary art. We engage in a curatorial process and thorough due diligence, with discretion and transparency for every service we provide, whether selling, acquiring, leasing or art collection management services. Our online platform is an evolving digital document of unique perspectives in contemporary art, filled with accessible and selective content for discovery.



How do you get inside the art market?


We are on the inside. Our team investigates new artists on a monthly basis, giving Artworks Advisory the advantage of discovering talented creatives whose vision reflect the world today.  Our relationships with international galleries, art dealers, auction houses, collectors, and artists ensure that our clients, have an extensive advantage to begin the process of acquiring, selling or leasing artworks.



How do you establish a value for a work of art?


The value of a work of art is based on numerous variables, primarily being the career path of the artist through exhibitions, sales records, as well as the medium, condition, and the scale of the project in consideration.


Where is Artworks Advisory located?


Artworks Advisory operates out of New York and Lausanne and takes action globally. We have an exclusive network of international partners involved in every aspect of the art market.


Who are your clients?


We work with corporate and institutional collections in various stages of establishing, managing and/or selling their collections.


What are your rates?

Artworks Advisory invoices our clients on a retainer basis unless the service is transactional. Our rates depend on the type of service established between Artworks Advisory and the client:

  • For acquisitions, our standard commission rate can vary from 10-20% depending on the negotiated purchase amount.

  • For sales of individual works from collections, the standard commission rate can vary up to 20% of the selling amount.

  • For leasing accounts, we invoice quarterly or yearly rental fees for the duration of the lease period. Those fees depend on the scale of the project and the value of the artwork.

*Prices indicated on this website do not include sales tax, value-added tax, packing, shipping or installation fees, all of which are added according to destination.

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