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Celestial Mechanics

Curated by Lara Pan

November 30, 2017 - April 20, 2018

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Celestial Mechanics is a project describing several conscious or unconscious creative practices through which artists explore ideas about geometry, cosmic architecture, soundscape, time, and diverse systems of logic or illogic in the unbounded universe. In the broadest meaning of the term, Celestial Mechanics refers to the application of classical mechanics to the motion of celestial bodies. Yet, there is always an artistic will to seek new ways of understanding and bring new perspectives on how to reimagine space and transform collective perception into an important engine.


Some of the works are inspired by multiple cognitive systems representing the shapes of the large-scale, navigable surface layouts as well as small-scale movable forms and imaginary objects. It is important to find a balance between abstraction and artistic research that focus on the interest in energy, unknown space, and the radical expansion of perception. There is an intention to breathe new life into visual perception, displaying non-symbolic and expressive study and confronting symbolic and meditative forms. Although Celestial Mechanics evokes a certain nostalgia that combines the hard-edged geometric abstraction of the famed 1960’s Park Place Gallery and investigates their opposites, such as pure form and transcendental geometry. This exhibition is honoring new ways of experiencing art, and the space-age embrace of science and technology. This project investigates a site-specific dialogue in a non-white cube environment where viewer is invited to develop an easy and immediate experience.

Lara Pan


Exhibition artists: Ana Knezevic, Judith Braun, Karla Knight, Leo Valledor, Nola Zirin, Paul Laster, Paulina Peavy, Predrag Dimitrijevic, Vargas Suarez Universal

Artworks Advisory works with prominent curators to explore and expose different artistic themes with a specific message. To inaugurate our new address, in Harlem, our private shows will banner under the name, Harlem Confidential. Our first show, Celestial Mechanics, is curated by Lara Pan aims to showcase young and mature artists whose work explores ideas around geometry, architectural space, time, sound and the infinite universe through conscious and unconscious artistic practices. The focus of this project is to bring together a group of artists whose visuals and concepts are almost impossible to encounter in our traditional landscape. Our challenge is to conceive and explore how these works communicate in a non-white cube environment.

John Jaenisch, Founder of Artworks Advisory

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