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NEWS: Matthew Ronay Is Now Represented by Casey Kaplan

Matthew Ronay, Sprout Capsule Information, 2017. COURTESY THE ARTIST AND CASEY KAPLAN Artworks Advisor

Casey Kaplan gallery in New York now represents Matthew Ronay, the Brooklyn-based artist whose sculptures brings together a mix of fancifully colored elements that resemble the cogs of machinery or dripping liquids. Ronay previously showed at New York’s Andrea Rosen Gallery, which announced in February that it would close its regularly operating public space and cease representing living artists.

Ronay’s works can recall the ceramics of Ken Price and Ron Nagle, both of whom frequently rely on bright hues and combinations of unlike forms in their sculptures. For Ronay, this format becomes a way to evoke the nonsensicality of all the useless objects you can buy, as well as the way organic and inorganic elements are so often combined these days. Read More

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