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Thursday Feature: John Phillip Abbott

John Phillip Abbott “New Day” 2016 Artworks Advisory

John Phillip Abbott

“New Day” 2016

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

66 x 62 in. (167.64 x 157.48 cm)

What is a new day? It is when the dawn newly breaks and we set off to duty. It is a routine and yet, a time to break from it. It is the opening of possibilities in private or in public view. Abbott’s seminal “New Day” inspires that and more with an architectonic approach to painting. Geometry, fluorescent colors and words are rendered effectively on a large canvas surface to form a captivating work of art. Words are the ultimate tool for Abbott’s oeuvre at large. Its greenish graffiti like marks and flashes of graphite streaks unveil the words “New Day” in a kind of revolutionary way, as if the painting ceaselessly stimulates inspiration for where the day may be headed and give a reminder of possibility. “New Day” decodes after several glances and reveals itself as the day unfolds. The painting is timeless and will work again for the next fresh day.

John Phillip Abbott is a mid-western American artist residing in New Mexico. His works have been curated into exhibitions in both the US and Europe and have been reviewed in notable publications including The New York Times.

His most recent exhibitions were at County, Palm Beach and Pierogi, NY.

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