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Best Place to Work - NEA!

Funding or no funding for NEA? That is a question…

The NEA is an organization which has been empowering the arts over time for the last 60 years. In December 2016, The NEA was voted one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Federal Government based on their value system which includes the following:

  • Respect - Be thoughtful and kind to others

  • Communication - Be open, transparent, and honest in our communications

  • Celebration - Be forthright in recognizing and honoring the best in each other

  • Collaborative Leadership - Be a team player, good listener, accountable, and accessible

  • National Legacy - Be proud stewards of our nation's creative legacy and a partner in its creative future

  • Create & Innovate - Be inspirational and resourceful, always thinking outside of the box

Let The United States of the Arts live long, and prosper. The NEA is a vital force to the art and culture of the country and should be continued to be funded by the Federal Government.

About The NEA

The National Endowment for the Arts is an organization that provides grants and funding for the all the arts in the United States of America, across all 52 states and US Territories. They gave over 2,400 grants in nearly 16,000 communities in 2016. The NEA was funded with 147.9 Million in 2016 (in comparison to The National Science Foundation’s budget of 7.7 Billion), which constitutes .004% of the Federal budget, out of which more that 80% of the appropriation was distributed via grants supporting public and private activities such as performances, exhibitions, the healing arts and arts education programs, festivals, and artist residencies.

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