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Staring at Katharina’s work, I feel infinite...

Currently on show at Gagosian Gallery through March 11, 2017

Standing in the wide open space of Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea NYC and staring at the fantastic work of Katharina Grosse, I feel on the brink of being. It’s hard to explain, but in possibilities, past experiences, timelines, and existence, my abstract mind becomes reality.

If I had to pinpoint the appeal of Katharina Grosse’s works in relation to myself, on a non-emotional level, I wouldn’t be able to. I firmly believe that art is a dialogue; it’s reactionary. That being said, every fiber of my being responds to the abstract stream of her spray gun, the use of psychedelic hues, and the way I'm transported in space and time.

Perhaps, what draws me in the most to her larger than life paintings is the pure expression of the individual psyche is there for all to see, and we’re forced to confront ourselves. In this sense, it’s impossible to leave this exhibition without becoming slightly wiser, slightly more introspective, and slightly more fulfilled and left desiring all at once.

Thank you, Katharina, for showing me a bit more of myself.

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